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[h1=简介]NeoForge 是一个免费、开源、面向社区的 Minecraft Mod API。[h1=由来]NeoForge 是 Minecraft Forge 的分支,在 2023 年 7 月 12 日,Forge 的原 Discord 被 cpw 重命名,用于新的项目:NeoForge。除了 LexManos,几乎所有 Minecraft Forge 团队成员都加入了..

What has happened here?

As of July 12th 2023, the discord formerly known as “Forgecord” was rebranded to a new project - NeoForged.
在2023年7月12日,我们的 Discord 服务器“Forgecord”改组为一个全新的项目 – NeoForged。

NeoForged is a fork of MinecraftForge. Almost all of the original team has joined the new team, with one obvious exception, LexManos (hereby referred to as Lex).
NeoForged 是一个 Forge 的分支。几乎所有原先团队的成员都加入了新的团队,但很明显,有一位不在其中: LexManos (简称 Lex )。

This news post will attempt to explain the circumstances leading to this drastic action. It presents the perspective of the new team however, and specifically, my (cpw) perspective and motivations.

Why did this happen?

Firstly, I want to be clear. Attributing this to a single event is to attribute death by a thousand cuts to a single cut.

After the latest difficulties in the Minecraft Forge discord, I wanted to understand why Curle felt she needed to resign from the position Lex put her in - namely, leader of the project. She had done an amazing job of organizing the team prior to the promotion to leader, and it was surprising to me that she felt the need to leave so shortly after. The discussion with her opened my eyes to the fact that there had been ongoing difficulties with the team she had spent so much time to build, and Lex was the root of the problem.
在近期 Minecraft Forge Discord 服务器中最近一次出事之后,我曾尝试去理解为什么 Curle 感觉她需要辞掉 Lex 分配她的“项目领导人”的位置。在升任领导之前,她在组织团队方面做得非常出色,因此我非常惊讶她在这么短事件之后就觉得自己需要离开。与她的讨论让我大开眼界,原来她呕心沥血建立的团队一直存在着问题,而 Lex 就是问题的根源。

I want to be clear, Lex has been a problem in the modding community for many, many years. Almost every veteran minecraft modder has had a negative interaction with him over the past 12 years. I have, when able to, tried to steer people to not abandon Forge just because of Lex - defending him in many a private conversation with a frustrated modder who’d just been called a “Cunt” for 1,000th time by Lex, or banned from our online spaces for a trivial transgression like discussing Fabric or coremods.
我要阐明,多年以来 Lex 一直是模组社区的一大麻烦。这12年以来,几乎所有的自身模组作者都和他有过不愉快的经历。就是因为 Lex ,我才不得不一次次地在 Lex 第1000次呵斥模组作者为“傻X”,或仅仅是因为一些诸如讨论 Fabric 或者核心模组等微不足道的行为把模组作者从我们的社群中封禁之后,私下和那些不快的模组作者交流,为 Lex 做辩护,苦劝他们不要抛弃 Forge 。

In evaluating the situation I was in, it quickly became clear I could take one of three actions:

1. Do nothing. If I did nothing, I believe we would be watching the slow disintegration of the Forge project. This is why we recruited Curle in the first place - to try and help build a useful team, that would enable Lex to step back from the limelight and community management aspects. Her departure would cement that the Forge team was too toxic to continue to function in a viable capacity, in my opinion. We would have seen more public disputes and abuse, with more modders and community leaders becoming increasingly frustrated.
不做任何事情。如果我什么也不做,我确信我们只能看着 Forge 这个项目慢慢地解体。这就是为什么我们把 Curle 放在领导人的位置:试图建立一个有效的团队,使得 Lex 从公众视线和社区管理方面退居二线。我感觉她的离开进一步证明了 Forge 团队已经病入膏肓,无法继续发挥其正常功能。我们很可能会遭受到更多来自公众的不解和谩骂,让更多的模组作者和社区领导人变得越来越不满。

2. Babysit Lex. In effect, this is what I have been doing, to a more or lesser extent, for the past 10 years. He would not see it that way, but I have been defending Lex to all comers for many many years. I truly thought that if he could stop being so toxic online, we would become successful.
劝告、保护 Lex 。事实上这就是我这10年以来一直或多或少所做的事情。他本人可能没有意识到,但我多年以来一直在尝试着保护 Lex 。我真心认为如果 Lex 在网上不那么嘴臭,我们就会变得更成功。

3. Do what we have done - fork the project and start afresh.

Note that due to personal physical and mental health issues, I was not well enough to continue with 2 and have rather withdrawn from the community - effectively 1 - because I needed to preserve my health. Lex has argued repeatedly that I had the power to rein him in, but that’s an accident of history and not something that I believe should have been necessary between two adult friends, and if it had killed me - a non-zero likelihood (I am not a young man) - then there would have been no one left anyway.
值得一提的是,出于我个人的生理和心理健康问题,我已经没法继续做第二条的事情,并且已经从社区工作中退出来——其实就是第一条“啥也不做”——因为我要确保我个人的健康。 Lex 反复地声称我有能力控制他,但这只是历史上的偶然事件,并不是我认为两个成年人朋友之间应该发生的事情,并且如果这件事导致了我的死亡(这还真不是完全不可能发生),那么最终也不会有人幸免。

We have forked

Yes, we have forked the project. Curle and I both agreed this was the best decision for the future of the project and more importantly for the community - I never wanted the money or the power that comes with being leader and we have rather started the process of putting together a simple consitution for the project moving forward, which we will be sharing as time allows.
是的,我们已经建立了一个分支项目。为了项目的未来,更重要是为了社区着想, Curle 和我都同意这是最好的解决方案。我从来没想过通过领导人的位置谋求名利。相反,我们已经开始制定一个简单的章程,以便项目向前发展。这个章程之后时间允许的话我们会和大家分享。

We have had to fork - because many of the core assets are licensed by Lex’s company Forge LLC. It is better for us to fork and rebrand. We will be removing those assets that are part of the MinecraftForge project, as we develop our own brand and styling.
我们不得不进行分支,因为很多核心资源都归属于 Lex 的公司 Forge LLC 。建立分支并使用全新的品牌对我们来说是有利的。在我们发展自己的品牌和风格的时候,我们也会把那些属于 MinecraftForge 的资源逐步移除。

Note that this is not a hard fork yet. We remain compatible with existing Forge for the present time. Whether we break that compatilibity in the future is one of many topics of discussion. Some want us to quickly clean up the technical debt, others feel that we should take a more measured approach to that effort. Suffice to say, both opinions have some merit and we encourage discussion and adult debate about what measures are appropriate on what timescales.
注意这并不是一个“硬分支”。我们保留了与已有的 Forge 版本的兼容性。未来是否要取消这个兼容性仍然是我们需要讨论的话题之一。有些人想要我们尽快摆脱这些技术上的“债务”,也有些人认为我们对此要采取更慎重的态度。可以说,这两种观点都有一定的道理,我们鼓励大家对措施的内容和实施的时间点进行讨论和成熟的辩论。

Why did this seem so rushed?

We had been in planning and discussion for around 9 days - and had a private discord setup where we could discuss the future direction and do work on initial setup and planning. This was well underway when I received the shock of my life yesterday morning - for who but Lex themselves was in our private discord, reading the backlog. The reasons for this are still unclear, and we’ll likely never know the full extent of what happened, but suffice to say, the cat was definitely out of the bag.
事实上我们已经对此计划并讨论了9天,并且建立了一个私密的 Discord 服务器讨论未来的方向,并且着手于初始的工作和计划。一切都很顺利,直到昨天我收到了我一生中最惊天的消息:不是别人,正是 Lex 他自己潜入了我们的服务器并遍览了所有的信息。造成这种情况的原因尚不清楚,我们可能永远也不会知道发生了什么,但可以肯定的是,事情已经泄露了。

Faced with an unknown quantity, we felt that we had to act to quickly preserve the community, rather than risk all that has been built, especially in the past two years. Thus we launched our rebrand, before we were truly ready, but it was in effort to preserve the community.

Why did you take the discord?

The discord was always mine. I set it up very early on in discord’s life, originally as an experiment, but when it became clear that discord was getting popular, I suggested to Lex that we transition it to our new online space. At first it was secondary to #minecraftforge on esper.net IRC, but over time, it became the primary community hub. Lex was never interested in taking ownership of the server, even though I offered it several times. So it is my asset, and as my asset, I felt it best to rebrand it.
这个服务器一直都是属于我的。我很久很久以前就把它作为一个实验性的东西建立了起来,不过随着 Discord 变得越来越流行,我就向 Lex 建议把社群迁移到这个新平台上。一开始它是次于 esper.net IRC 上的 #minecraftforge 频道地,但久而久之它就成为了我们主要的社区门户。 Lex 从来就对这个服务器的所有者身份不感兴趣,即便我曾经试图主动转让给他过。所以这是我的资源,并且作为它的所有者,我认为最好还是一并改组了它。

What happens now?

Things will settle as time passes. We should have our governance documents soon - we have good plans for a fresh approach to governing the project. We have had many many offers of support and help from many many community members, including corporations that run large hosting providers, distribution platforms and more. We will be setting up an opencollective for those that wish to financially support the project. That financial support will be funneled directly back into the project - we hope to be able to help our many contributors with a little pocket money for their kind donations of time.

My opinion and perspective

I want to be clear, this is my opinion and perspective. Others will have their own opinions, and they may differ in the details, but I believe this is the best possible future for the project as a whole.

I hope Curle will write her perspective on the matter for publishing here.
希望 Curle 也能写一些她自己的见解发布在这里(neoforged.net)。

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