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Minecraft Live 2023 直播回顾!

Minecraft Live 2023 直播回顾!

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Highlights from the live show

Minecraft Live has zoomed down the minecart tracks once again! If you missed our live show that aired from 5 pm UTC on Sunday October 15, then fear not! In the space of just a few words, I’m going to recap all the newest news, feature reveals, mob vote winner, and chicken-related incidents in non-visual glory. Because why watch when you can read! You can also watch the video on demand . Just don’t tell us writers, we get upset.
Minecraft Live 在矿车的隆隆声里又一次闪亮登场!如果你已错过了北京时间 10 月 16 日凌晨 1 时开始的直播秀,也不用担心!我会在接下来用简单的文字,来回顾所有最新的新闻、未来特性的展示、生物投票的赢家,以及在看不见的地方和鸡有关的不光彩之事(指直播开始的小剧场里撞飞了一群鸡)。在有文章看的情况下谁还要看直播!当然你也可以自行观看这个视频。只是别在这里说出来,我们的笔者会掉小珍珠的。

1.21 关键特性宣布

Minecraft Live usually has a few secrets up its sleeves, and this year was no exception! Game director Agnes Larsson and a few Minecraft developers unveiled some of the key features heading to Minecraft as part of next year’s update. And wow did they have an adventure uncovering them! While next year’s update doesn’t have a name yet, I’m going to call it “1.21” for now, even though it’ll be coming midway through 2024. Yay, numbers!
Minecraft Live 通常都会藏有一些小秘密,今年也不例外!游戏总监 Agnes Larsson 和一些 Minecraft 游戏开发者展示了一些将作为 Minecraft 下一年更新的关键特性。将有一场华丽的冒险等待着他们!尽管下一年的更新还并没有一个名字,我会从现在开始只管它叫 “1.21 更新”,哪怕到明年下半年也依然如此。数字是最棒的!

Agnes and level designer Matthew “Moesh” Dryden stepped into one of the new structures being developed: the trial chamber! The trial chamber is a sprawling structure of corridors and rooms that are packed with traps, trial spawners, mobs, loot, and more. The trial chamber is procedurally generated, which means you’ll face a new challenge each time you enter! And thanks to the trial spawner, a cunning device which spews out mobs, the challenge level will adjust based on the number of adventurers in your party.
Agnes 还和关卡设计师 Matthew “Moesh” Dryden 一起踏入了还在开发中的全新结构:也就是 trial chamber(试炼长廊,暂译,非最终译名,后同)试炼长廊 将会是一个非常巨大的结构,里面充满了陷阱、 trial spawner(试炼刷怪笼)、生物、战利品和其它的东西。挑战回廊将会由程序生成,这意味着每次进入这里都会迎来全新的挑战!另外得益于试炼刷怪笼,一种全新的机关,它能一下子生成大量的生物,同时试炼的难度还会根据团队里冒险者的数目进行调整。

Agnes, game designer Cory Scheviak, and game developer Magnus Puig De La Bellacasa also met a playful (but dangerous) new mob! The breeze is a hostile mob that likes to leap dizzying circles around its opponent, and attack using the power of wind. Agnes and game artist Sarah Boeving also showed us some of the new decorative tuff and copper blocks, as well as copper bulbs, which can be toggled on and off using redstone pulses. We also saw crafters, which use redstone for automated crafting! Because can you ever have too many hanging signs?
接下来 Agnes 与游戏设计师 Cory Scheviak 和 游戏开发者 Magnus Puig De La Bellacasa 还撞见了一个有趣(但危险)的新生物!Breeze(烈风人)是一种敌对生物,它们热衷于环绕着它们的对手飞行,并用强劲的风进行攻击。最后由 Agnes 与美术设计师 Sarah Boeving 向我们展示了全新的装饰性凝灰岩质和铜质方块,以及能使用红石脉冲切换开关状态的 copper bulbs(铜灯泡)。还有 crafters(合成器),可接收红石信号进行自动化合成!你们有曾想过拥有大量的悬挂式告示牌是什么感觉吗?


Minecraft Legends has let us fight alongside creepers, save the Overworld, and (most importantly to many) pet llamas! But the tale is not over quite yet. Principal design director Craig Leigh joined us at Minecraft Live to discuss how far Minecraft Legends has come as well as what’s coming up next.
在 Minecraft Legends 的世界里,玩家与苦力怕并肩作战,拯救了主世界,同时(对很多人来说最重要的)爱抚了羊驼!但传奇故事还没有完结。首席设计总监 Craig Leigh 也在 Minecraft Live to 中亮相,与我们讨论 Minecraft Legends 的故事还将能续写多久,以及接下来要推出的内容

In the first major update, released in August, we made some important changes and additions to the game, like custom campaigns and PvP, world waypoints, enhanced Banner View, improved pathfinding, and (my personal favorite – yes, you’re noticing a trend) petting animals. Heroes have also had the chance to test their skills in the Lost Legends, free challenges we’ve released every month, ranging from defeating waves of piglins to playing as a llama.
在八月的第一次主要更新中,我们对游戏做出了重要的改进与更新,例如自定义战役模式和 PvP 模式、地图记录点、更好的旗帜视角、改进后的生物寻路,以及(我个人最爱的 —— 也同时会是一种潮流的)爱抚动物。英雄还可以在失落传奇里挑战自我,在我们每个月都会发布的全新免费挑战里体验到从抵御猪灵狂潮到变身羊驼的各种奇妙冒险。

Craig also revealed some exciting new features that are coming in Minecraft Legends’ second major update, its biggest one yet. In a ribbiting twist, heroes will now be able to hop into battle on the fearless frog, a brave mount that can swim faster and jump higher than any other steed. Plus, heroes will gain a new ally in battle: the mysterious witches, who are ready to use their potions against the piglins! And speaking of, the pesky piglets also have some surprises in store: the clanger, a very loud and unnervingly long piglin, alongside the air chopper, a very... slicy piglin structure that will push your units back with strong gusts of spore-filled air. Yes, it’s as fun (and gross) as it sounds!
Craig 还为我们展示了 Minecraft Legends 的第二个主要更新,也是目前内容最多的更新。在 ribbiting twist(呱呱异变)里,英雄现能够在战斗中骑乘 fearless frog (无畏青蛙),它是一个勇敢的坐骑,与其它坐骑相比有更快的游泳速度与更高的跳跃高度。另外,英雄也会在战斗里见识到全新的盟友:mysterious witch(神秘女巫),它已随时准备好向猪灵们投掷自己的药水!说到这里,狡猾的猪灵的库存里也有了新东西:首先是clanger(悖谬猪灵),它是一种吵闹且身材瘦高的猪灵,另外还有 air chopper(鼓风机),它会是一个......总之非常棘手的猪灵建筑,能使用一种强烈且掺杂孢子的怪风击退你的单位。还会发出有趣(但恶心)的声音!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Lost Legends in mid-November and early December, and the new update later this year!


During the show, Vu Bui got a visit from none other than R2D2! Apparently, a spot in the Jedi ranks has opened up, and it has my name on it! Fine, maybe it has yours on it too, but who can truly master the Force we will see on November 7 when the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC lands on Minecraft Marketplace!
在节目中,有一位嘉宾拜访了 Vu Bui,不是别人,正是 R2D2!显然,绝地武士的排行中出现了空位,这肯定是给我留的!当然,也可能也为你留了一个,但谁能真正掌握原力呢?就让我们在 11 月 7 日于 Minecraft Marketplace 上线的星球大战:绝地之路 DLC 里一见分晓!

This DLC is set during the Clone Wars and you will train with Grand Master Yoda, Mace Windu, and the other Jedi as a young Padawan. Rise to the rank of Jedi Knight and set out on missions to biomes far, far away. Rumor has it you will battle galactic monsters, explore unchartered planets, and maybe even meet the dark side...! The exact details are for Jedi Knights only, so you will find out more once you learn how to swing your lightsaber.
这个 DLC 设定于克隆人战争时期,你将作为绝地学徒,与尤达大师、梅斯·温杜和其他绝地学徒一起接受训练。晋升为绝地武士,在非常遥远的生物群系里执行任务。有说法称你将会与巨大怪兽作战、探索无规则行星,也许甚至能接触到黑暗面......!更具体的细节只有绝地武士能够知道,所以一旦你成功的挥动了光剑,你将了解更多真相。

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, everyone gets their own customizable lightsaber and droid! No doubt I will spend many moons creating my little droid buddy and trying on new Jedi robes too!

All that and plenty more fun can be found in the Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC on November 7. See you in hyperspace, young Padawan!
所有有趣的内容都可以在 11 月 7 日发布的星球大战:绝地之路 DLC 里找到。年轻的绝地学徒啊,希望在超空间能见到你!


During Minecraft Live, we also kicked off the new Block & Brick Challenge with LEGO! Minecraft Creator @hannahxxrose and LEGO Master Model Builder Tristan Cain were tasked with building their ultimate Minecraft hideaway from the same prompts – in digital blocks and physical LEGO bricks. A whopping 80 hours, 30,340 LEGO bricks, and countless clever Minecraft tricks later, the seasonal builds were complete! Check out the video to see what they came up with and how similar (or different!) their hideouts turned out.
Minecraft Live 期间,我们也宣布了与乐高联动的 Block & Brick 挑战!Minecraft 创作者 @hannahxxrose 与 LEGO 模型大师 Tristan Cain 将要根据同样的提示完成 Minecraft 的藏身宝地 —— 通过使用数字方块或实体 LEGO 积木的形式。在耗费 80 hours、30340 块 LEGO 积木、以及数不尽的 Minecraft 创意技巧后,最终这足以轰动一时的建筑完成了!你可以观看视频来看看他们都有那些相差无几(或大相径庭)的藏身地的创意。

Create your own The Block & Brick challenges with your friends and continue building IRL with the LEGO Minecraft Pumpkin Farm . If you are in New York City, you can also see Tristain Cain’s full four-foot LEGO structure IRL from October 16 – 31 at the LEGO® Store Fifth Avenue.
你也可以与朋友们一起,在现实生活中使用 LEGO Minecraft 南瓜农场系列进行 Block & Brick 挑战。如果你当前就在纽约,你还可以在 10 月 16 日到 31 日期间去现实中 LEGO® Store Fifth Avenue 观摩 Tristain Cain 那总高 4 英尺的 LEGO 建筑。


Minecraft Live also revealed that BBC Studios and Minecraft Education are teaming up once again to reimagine Earth’s most intriguing corners (and creatures!) into an explorable, blocky format!
Minecraft Live 内还宣布了 BBC Studios 将再次联合 Minecraft Education,用方块的形式来重现地球上最美丽的角落(和生物)!

Planet Earth III, created by BBC Earth, is appearing on screens next year, followed by the new DLC coming to both Minecraft Education and Minecraft Marketplace soon after! You’ll be able to play through some of our planet’s most extreme biomes, meet some of the show’s main characters, and delve deeper into the stories of Planet Earth III in the new DLC.
Planet Earth III 由 BBC Earth 团队创作,将于明年正式上映,随后便会在 Minecraft 教育版和 Minecraft 基岩版市场推出这一全新的 DLC!你将有机会包揽这颗星球上一些极为瑰丽的生态群系,并遇到节目的一些主持人,最后在 DLC 里进一步了解 Planet Earth III 的故事。


Congratulations to the armadillo, for receiving the most community votes, and being the next mob to join Minecraft forever!
让我们热烈祝贺犰狳,获得了最多的社区支持,并作为下一个生物永久性的加入 Minecraft!

The armadillo lives in the savannah biome . If you startle the armadillo, it will curl up into a blocky ball! The armadillo also drops a scute that you can use to craft a new type of armor, wolf armor! Which will give your pet wolf some extra protection.
犰狳以热带草原为家。如果你惊扰到一只犰狳,它就会马上缩成一个方块形状的球!犰狳还会掉落一种 scute (骨甲,暂译),可以合成一种全新类型的盔甲,也就是狼铠!这可以为你的宠物狼赋予更多的保护。

While the mob vote has closed, the event server* is open for the next 24 hours! This means you have another day to play mob-tastic mini-games, meet the hosts of Minecraft Live, indulge in a spot of parkour, and finish that scavenger hunt!
尽管生物投票结束了,但活动服务器* 仍会在接下来的 24 小时里保持开放状态!这将让你能够还有一天时间游玩生物主题的小游戏,会面 Minecraft Live 的主持人们,跑酷时饱览周围美景,并最终完成寻宝游戏!

MINECRAFT 快 15 岁啦!

It might feel like Minecraft’s blocky biomes have been around since the beginning of time, but Minecraft Live reminded us all that Minecraft is turning 15 next year! Together we’ve been crafting pickaxes (15 million of them!) discovering diamonds (6.7 million!), and slaying 15 million skeletons.** Just recently we also crossed 300 million copies sold, a milestone no-one could have dreamed of when we were all building our first dirt houses! I hope there’ll be cake to celebrate our wonderful community, and our soon-to-be fifteen years mining, crafting, and respawning together. Perhaps it'll even be a creeper cake? Best check back here at Minecraft.net to find out!
尽管 Minecraft 的方块状生物群系就像是从起源来说就一直静立在那儿,但在 Minecraft Live 节目里我们还是意识到 Minecraft 在明年就要 15 岁了!这些年里我们一起合成镐子(一共 1500 万把!)一起采掘钻石(一共 670 万颗!),还杀死了 1500 万只骷髅。** 就在最近我们的销售额达到了 3 亿份,对于很久以前瑟缩在泥土房间的我们来说,这可能是难以想象的一次里程碑!我希望能有一块蛋糕来为我们绝赞的社区庆祝,同时也为我们即将累计到15 年的挖矿、合成和重生进行庆祝。也许这还会来一个苦力怕口味的蛋糕?请返回 Minecraft.net 来调查出个水落石出!

*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately); event runs from 10/13/23 17:00 UTC to 10/16/23 19:00 UTC. Internet connection is required. Some consoles may require a separate subscription to play online
*需要最新版本的 Minecraft: 基岩版 (单独出售);活动持续时间从 2023 年 10 月 14 日凌晨 1 点到 2023 年 10 月 17 日凌晨 3 点。同时需要网络连接,部分型号主机还需要单独订阅部分功能才能联机游玩

**Data is based on a 30-day average of Minecraft activity from September 2023 – October 2023.
**数据基于从 2023 年 9 月 到 2023 年 10 月中 30 天玩家平均活动计算

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